Now the World Needs You to Be A Great Entrepreneur

Read this book to get the inspiration to start, scale or keep your business staying up and be the influence that the world needs.


This ebook was first written in 2015 when I came to the awareness around how Entrepreneurs help shape our lives regarding what we buy, how we live and the innovation that takes us into new dimensions.

As we are going through this COVID -19 pandemic and a devastating economic downturn, many business owners and aspiring business owners are going to need to shift from simply running their business to becoming true dynamic entrepreneurs that provide solutions and innovative ways to address problems, dilemma’s and challenges the world is facing.

This ebook’s purpose is to inspire you and to remind you of other entrepreneurs that have helps to change our world for the better and hopefully encourage you to do likewise

What’s Inside

You’ll learn the stories of great entrepreneurs and why your business idea is your greatest asset

You’ll learn why you need to keep pushing through your discomforts, discouragements and defeats to reach entrepreneurial greatness

You’ll learn why your entrepreneurial gift is not your gift to keep to yourself, but to help make this world a better place

About the Author

Toye Oshunbiyi is the founder of Business Leaders Coach.

He is also a Business & Leadership Coach, Learning & Development Professional, Speaker and Trainer, sharing thoughts and insights on Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Business Growth, Technology and Business Trends

In addition to his business acumen, Toye serves in his local church where he uses his skills voluntarily to help people.

Toye enjoys jazz music, travelling and plays the saxophone. He is married with two children and lives in London with his family.