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social media marketing

If your business isn’t currently generating leads using social media, well, now is a good time to start.  Neil Patel from Quick Sprout gives us some compelling reasons on why you should and what the benefits are to your company. Below are 5 reasons:

1.      It is the leading emerging channel for leads

Social Media has been the leading emerging channel for lead generation since 2010.

2.     23% of internet users are on social media platforms

It has been estimated that 23% of internet users spend all their time on social networks and blogs. If you are reading this as you commute, take a look around you; chances are at least one person (if not more) are on some variety of social media platform.

3.     When done well, can guarantee an increase in marketing effectiveness

Out of the companies polled, 63 % of those using social media saw an increase in marketing effectiveness.  This is due to the fact that leads generated from social media have a 100% higher lead-to-close rate.

4.     Social Media users are increasing everyday

In the United States alone, Social Media has seen a 365% increase since 2006.  Obviously, these numbers may not be exactly the same in other parts of the world but one thing is certain, it is also increasing wherever you are.

5.     Can save time rather than waste time

Social media can lead to a reduction in the time spent marketing products and services. 26% of companies actually saved time doing this. This, I find to be interesting because some owners, managers and company policies don’t want to open up their staff to social media platforms as they think they would be wasting time.

Does your company have a social media marketing plan? Now might be the best time to start!